Wednesday, March 26, 2008



By: Daniel F. de Souza.

It’s Easter time once again. It’s time to break the long spell of fasting and abstinence. It’s also the time of the year in Goa when the Konkani stage gets ready for a new season and new releases. This Easter time is no exception though.With the exception of perhaps Rose Ferns and Menino de Bandar who are both continuing with their same shows viz ‘Maim Tuzo Upkari Hanv’ and ‘Taxi Driver’, all the other playwrights are getting set and giving final touches to their new ventures scheduled to go on stage at Easter time.

The showman of the Konkani stage Prince Jacob is going to bring forth something very colourful and enchanting with his new release ‘Rong’. The show was earlier released in Mumbai last month and has had a good response from Mumbaikars. MaRIO Menezes who takes prides in calling himself the ‘Director with continuous hits’ even though his show last season ‘Tumi Tumche Dolle Ugddat’ did not come anywhere close to his earlier known hits, has declared his new show a tiatr entitled ‘Ghorabeache Vantte’. Don’t be surprised if after the first two shows, you get to see an advertisement that loudly claims it as ‘Declared Hit’! A small piece of advice to my good friend MaRIO though…. he’s got to pay a little more attention to the comedy this time, for with the exit of Ambe and Agostinho his original pair of comedians, this department in his last show was found to be vulnerable.

John D’Silva the playwright known for his high standard script, is driving on a success wave last two seasons, and this time he has got to maintain the tempo and the lead. He is releasing his new tiatr ‘Ekvott’ with his original cast. But, the surprise inclusion is John’s youngest son Benhur Shaan who is taking a bow for the first time on konkani stage . Oh what a name that is! Let’s hope performance-wise he lives up to his name. The Prince of centuries Pascoal Rodrigues is out to tempt tiatr lovers this Easter season with his latest venture ‘Tallni’. Incidentally this is his 44th stage production. The dramatist pair of Anil-Olga is also releasing their new show this Easter season, ‘Ghavo Tuka Dukh Mhaka’ . The artist to be watched however is Fermino of the ‘Nagappa’ role fame. The earlier productions of this pair have had good runs and this show should obviously go a step further in all respects.

Cyril Almeida and Soccoro de Santa Cruz are releasing their joint venture ‘Koddu Soth’ which promises to give powerful songs and comedy. Comedian Ambe who is now wearing the crown of a playwright is releasing his new venture a tiatr entitled ‘Kallem Mazor’. Whether the ‘Black cat’ will bring him bigger and better luck this time, one cannot predict. But, I am sure Ambe is going through a stressful time on the eve of his release, with his mainstay artist Felcy still convalescing from a knee injury she suffered recently in a bus accident. We wish Ambe all the very best. I hope and pray Felcy makes a fast recovery and gets back to the stage as early as possible.

Comedian Agostinho, who had a dream run last season with his tiatr ‘Sir’ is coming up with his new venture ‘Police’ that is set for release on 23rd March. I really admire this man who has the presence of mind to bring forth interesting and contemporary plots in the plays he has produced so far. His title this time is surely a winning one and good enough to arouse curiosity thereby drawing crowds to the theatres. I want to share what a little bird told me recently, believe me, Agostinho is going to depict the ‘man-in-uniform’ in good light! The Policemen can breathe easy now. ‘Sun Tea Gharachi’ is the new show of Jr. Reagan schedule for release in early April. The director has roped in big names like Wilmix-Sharon, Osvy Viegas, Fatima, and Anthony San. Ives Tavares who has earlier given hits such as ‘Bhitorlea Monacho Munis’ and ‘Don tonndancho munis’ is now venturing out with yet another new tiatr with similar title ‘Dusreachem Padd ghalpi Munis’. The show goes on stage on 28th March. On Easter Sunday A.M. Productions is releasing ‘Duddvank Man Devak Okman’.

Comedians Domnic and Luis Bachchan are continuing with their show Rupem Bhangar Maginai’ till the month of May. So is the case with Rose Ferns too who has declared that his show ‘Maim Tuzo Upkari Hanv’ will run till May 2008. International Jet speed political singer William de Curtorim will make his presence strongly felt this season with his show ‘Panch Bailancho Ghorkar Bhurgeank Posta Serkar’ . The highlight of this show will be 4 hit political solos coming from William himself. ‘Anthony Sylvester’s traditional tiatr ‘Don’t worry Be Happy’ will also continue in the new season and go beyond the monsoons.

One playwright who is calculating his time to strike with his new release in style is none other than Mariano Fernandes, the most successful director last season. Known for his super-cast line-up and good morale stories, Mariano who is back from a long overseas tour to the Gulf is coming out in early June with his new tiatr ‘Sorg Sonvsar Ifern’!

The discerning tiatr lover has a wide choice to make his weekend pleasant beginning this Easter Sunday. Make your choice, and book your tickets in advance, but, please do not buy tickets in the black market. Say ‘no’ to black marketeering, say ‘yes’ to advance booking! Happy Easter and Happy viewing to you all.

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