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Tiatr Personality: JESUS ANTAO

Tiatr Personality: JESUS ANTAO

By J P Pereira

For 28 years, Jesus Antao has made the audience laugh while performing on the Konkani stage. This comedian hailing from Chinchinim is the son of the late Antonio Piedade and Natalina Antao, the youngest of ten children.
Jesus Antao loved acting from an early age. He would regularly perform in the village dramas and made his debut in ‘Dusman’ a ‘tiatr’ written and directed by George Fernandes from Raia. Since then, the actor has performed in more than 150 dramas. Asked if he ever did a serious role, Jesus claimed to have tried. But, the more serious the role, the harder the audience laughed, he said. Finally, he decided to continue only as a comedian.
Jesus has acted for most of the directors from the Konkani stage. Prominent among the plays he has acted in are ‘Fullam Ani Kolle’, ‘Mhoje Unniecho To’, ‘Dolle Ugddun Poi’, ‘Somaz Oso Cholta’ by the late Rosario Rodrigues, ‘Mai’, ‘Paizonna’ by Pascoal Rodrigues, ‘He Chukik Bhogsonnem Assa?’ by Mario Menezes, ‘Tin Fogotteanchem Marann’ by Patrick Dourado and ‘Tuttlele Dhage’ by Roseferns. He also acted in the play ‘Succorina’ by Menino de Bandar which completed 200 shows. Although he never wrote and directed any plays, the comedian has produced, written and directed four comedy films. ‘Axirvad’, ‘Budhvont JakInas’, ‘Hansot Rav’ and ‘Fottkiro Agent’. Besides these, he has produced five audio albums like ‘Hanv MP’, ‘Repeat Repeat’ and others.
Jesus has great love and respect for the late Rosario Rodrigues, an excellent writer who would allot roles perfectly suited the respective actor.
He loves his profession and has been awarded many prizes in Goa as well as in the Gulf, for comedy. At the first tiatr festival organised by the Tiatr Academy, Goa he was nominated for best comedian.
Jesus is grateful to the audience for their support and vows to keep our mother tongue Konkani alive through the medium of the stage. At present he will be seen in a new production from Menino de Bandar. Jesus is married to Luiza, has a son Sheldon, who has acted in his video films and works for the Mormugao Port Trust.
We wish you all the best Jesus and hope you always keep the audience of Konkani dramas in good spirits, with your humour.

[J P Pereira (Utodd'dekar) fokot Navhind Times potrak boroytat]

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