Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Hanv Tiatr Boroitam" a Konkani comedy video film

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"Hanv Tiatr Boroitam" a comedy video film produced by Custodio Fernandes and written, directed by Jacinto Gracias has liberal doses of humour. The film recounts the troubles of a writer, director of Konkani drama who wants to present his work on stage but cannot do so, due to paucity of funds and actors who play truant. His nagging wife and a couple of young lovers add to his woes and the man decides to give up his dream. Till one day a good Samaritan walks in. The rest is to be watched on the video film.
The cast has Annie Quadros playing the nagging wife to perfection. Anita Fernandes is one of the young lovers, acts and dresses well, looks pretty stylish especially in the song sequence with Bernard. For once, the song and choreography in a Konkani film is great to watch. Humbert creates lots of humour as the main character, the down and out ├»¿½tiatrist├»¿½, supported well by Marcos. Bernard, Jacinto, Josico and Reginaldo are the others in the cast.
Filmed by Rajendra Sawant, the video has background music from Angelo and songs by Rosario de Benaulim, Socorro de Santa Cruz and Aniceto. A film that is worth watching. Please do buy your own copy.

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